Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My third mistake....

So I woke up with a start this morning to the sound of the weatherman on the radio. The weatherman announced the tempature to be 10 degrees with a high of 20 for the day. Needless to say this jolted me out of bed.

In my morning panic I began to get all of my clothes together for the day. I debated between my polartec and fleece long underwear. I chose the polartec underwear because they breathe better under my jeans. I then found some of my sweaters in the depth of my closet and chose one that was both warm and fashion forward. I also pulled my wool socks from the underwear/sock drawer and found my cutest winter hat - the one with the Boston Red Sox logo. I laid all these clothes on the bed and began to assess how best to accessorize fleece.

GF then came in to the bedroom to tell me that she was leaving for work. When she saw all the clothes laid out on the bed she asked what I was doing. I informed her that the temperature was only going to get up to 20 degrees today. She then took a very long moment to respond. When she did respond she spoke to me with that loud, slow, deliberate voice you use when you are speaking to someone that does not fully understand English.

GF said, "W-E L-I-V-E I-N C-A-N-A-D-A."

I responded with a quizzical look.

She then said, "T-H-E-Y U-S-E C-E-L-C-I-U-S N-O-T F-A-R-E-N-H-E-I-T."

I played it off as best I could. I asked her if she thought I was really going to wear thse clothes? I then laughed at my own question and left the room. I think I fooled her.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Love your new blog.Danielle just sent me a link today. What on earth is a "portable pole" used for? Decoration?

--Albert Nekimken

3:53 PM  

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